Mentoring Services

In order to ensure you have the greatest success with your e-learning purchase you can optionally add our Mentoring package for an additional charge. The set of value-added services are specifically designed to provide you with more information, explanations and a chance to interact with our Mentors. Note that all of our Cisco Mentors are Certified Cisco Systems Instructors (CCSIs). The list of features that you will have access to includes:

  • Webinars (live and recorded)
    On a regular basis our Mentors will lead webinars that are designed to help you tackle some of the more difficult technical and test preparation challenges. All webinars are recorded and archived and available 24 x 7.
  • Mentor Office Hours
    Each course will have optional weekly Mentor Office Hours. Via the WebEx platform, you can have discussions with a Mentor with screen sharing capabilities. During office hours you are able to explore more difficult topics interactively.
  • Email Support
    Via an email alias you can email our Mentors to ask questions, get opinions and explore ideas. The response times for email support is 24 business hours (1 business day) or less.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    We provide FAQs to help you get immediate answers to common questions.
  • Discussion Groups
    Each course will have a discussion group that encourages all purchasers of that course to participate with other students and of course our outstanding instructors. This is a chance to interact with your fellow student similar to a classroom experience.